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Dirty Tricks Killed Lord George Gordon

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of some books and ephemera consulted

Dirty Tricks Killed Lord George Gordon, Corruption in Britain, by JCR Harris, S P Publications


Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage

Ray Bradbury, writer (1920-2012)


The Life of Lord George Gordon, with a philosophical review of his political conduct, Robert Watson, M.D., London, 1795

The Strange History of Lord George Gordon, Percy Colson, R Hale, 1937

King Mob the story of Lord George Gordon and the riots of 1780, Christopher Hibbert, Longmans Green and Co, 1958

Birth of Lord George Gordon by Richard Cavendish, p53, History Today, December 2001.

Violent London – 2,000 years of riots, rebels and revolts, Clive Bloom, Pan Books 2004

An Appeal to the People of Great Britain concerning the Probable Tendency of the Late Act of Parliament in Favour of the Papists, J W Pasham, London, 1779.

A collection of all the Declarations and Resolutions, published by the different Counties, Cities, Towns, Parishes, Incorporations and Societies throughout Scotland, against a Proposed Repeal of the Statute, Enacted and for ever Ratified by the Revolution and Union Parliament, for preventing growth of Popery, David Paterson, Edinburgh, 1780.

A Plain and Succinct Narrative of the Late Riots and Disturbances in the Cities of London And Westminster and Borough of Southwark etc. by William Vincent, Fielding and Walker, London, 1780.

A Narrative of the Proceedings of Lord Geo. Gordon, and the persons assembled under the the denomination of the Protestant Association… [Lord George’s own account of the riots], George Gordon, J Wallis, London, 1780

The Trial of George Gordon, Esquire, commonly called Lord George Gordon, for High treason at the Bar of the Court of King’s Bench, On Monday, February 5th, 1781. The Fourth Edition. Taken in Short-Hand by Joseph Gurney. London: Sold by O. Kearley … and M. Gurney, 1781 [pp. 1-37] – The Second Part. Third Edition [pp. 1-65].

The Trial of Lord George Gordon for High Treason at the Bar of the Court of King’s Bench, On Monday, February 5th, 1781. Published under the Inspection of his Lordship’s Friends. To which are subjoined several original papers relating to the subject. Edinburgh, printed by J. Mennons and Co. Brodie’s Close, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh [1781], pp. 1-199

The Trial of the Hon. George Gordon, Commonly Called Lord George Gordon, for High-Treason at the bar of the Court of King’s Bench, on Monday, the 5th of February, 1781, Taken in Shorthand by William Vincent, Esq, Fielding and Walker, London, 1781.

The Whole Proceedings on the Trials of Two Informations Exhibited ex officio by the King’s Attorney-General Against George Gordon, Esq., Commonly Called Lord George Gordon: One for a Libel on the Queen of France and the French Ambassador; the other for a Libel on the Judges and the Administration of the Laws in England. Also of Thomas Wilkins for Printing the last-mentioned Libel. Tried in the Court of King’s Bench, Guildhall, on Wednesday the 6th of June, 1787; before the Hon. Francis Buller, Esq., One of the Justices of his Majesty’s Court of King’s Bench. Taken in Short-Hand By Joseph Gurney, London, 1787

The whole proceedings on the trials of two informations … One for a libel on the Queen of France and the French Ambassador; the Other for a libel on the judges, and the administration of the laws In England. Also of Thomas Wilkins for printing the last mentioned libel, taken in shorthand by Joseph Gurney, London 1787

The Extraordinary Black Book: An Exposition Of The United Church Of England And Ireland; Civil List And Crown Revenues Incomes. Privileges And Power Of The Aristocracy, Privy Council, Diplomatic And Consular Establishments; Law And Judicial Administration: Representation And Prospects Of Reform Under The New Ministry; Profits, Influence, And And Monopoly Bank Of England And East India Company, With Strictures On The Renewal Of Their Charters; Debt And Funding System; Salaries, Fees, And Emoluments In Courts Of Justice, Public Offices And Colonies; Lists Of Pluralists, Placemen. Pensioners, And Sincecurists: The Whole Corrected From The Latest Official Returns, And Presenting A Complete View Of The Expenditure , Patronage, Influence And Abuses Of The Government In Church, State, Law And Representation; By The Original Editor; Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange, London; 1831.

A Key To Both Houses Of Parliament Consisting Of Alphabetical Notices Of The Lords And Commons Of Great Britain And Ireland; The Regulations And Standing Orders Of Both Houses Respecting Privileges, Private Bills, Fees, Fines And Committees; Lists Of The Lords Of His Majesty’s Privy Council; And The Scottish And Irish Nobility Who Do Not Sit In The House Of Peers: With Every Other Species Of Information Respecting Constitution, History And Usages Of Parliament; Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, And Long, Paternoster Row, London; 1832






The Gordon Riots, by Marika Sherwood / 15 Jun 2011


A serious answer to Lord George Gordon’s letters to the Earl of Shelburne : in which an attempt is made, by fair and ingenious argument, to give ample satisfaction to His Lordship’s doubts, and to relieve him, if possible, from any inquietude for the salvation of the state, considered either in a moral, political, or religious view (by Felix McCarthy), 1782.







Portrait of Anglo-Jewry 1656-1836, By Alfred Rubens, f.s.a., f.r.hist.s.

Secret conversions to Judaism in early modern Europe By Martin Mulsow, Richard Henry Popkin

Who Stole My Religion? by Richard H. Schwartz)

Lord George Gordon, A pious Jew imprisoned in an English jail, By Moshe Kahan, Yiddishkeit magazine no. 5, July 1999, http://jewishmag.com/82mag/lordgordon/lordgordon.htm, The Jewish Magazine, August 2004



Lord George Gordon’s correspondence on Jews and beards, along with some other Gordon-related material. http://onthemainline.blogspot.com/2009/12/lord-george-gordons-correspondence-on.html

Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History, James Picciotto, Trubner & Co., London, 1875.


Lord George Gordon and the proposed penal settlement at Botany Bay, Craig Collins, University of New England

Barnaby Rudge, A tale of the Riots of the ‘Eighties by Charles Dickens.


The Gordon Riots by Professor Jerry White, London Historians, October 2011.


Notable British Trials and War Crimes Trials, William Hodge & Company Limited, 1954

The Complete Newgate Calendar Volume IV


The Parliamentary History of England, from the Earliest Period to the Year 1803, Vols XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI; William Cobbett; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme &Brown, and others; 1813

Secret History of the Court of England, from the Accession of George the Third to the Death of George the Fourth, Lady Anne Hamilton, Henry Stevenson, London 1832.

Britain Creates the Social Movement, Charles Tilly, University of Michigan, March 1981

The Times newspaper, London. Various 18th century

The Morning Chronicle, London. Various 18th century

The Public Advertiser, London. Various 18th century

Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 1 February 1936, Botany Bay Scheme Opposed by Lord Gordon. By F J Brewer.

The European Magazine and London Review Containing the Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners, Amusements of the Age, by the Philological Society of London, Vol XII for 1787.
Ditto Vol 22 for 1792.

The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historical Chronicle Volume L. For the year MDCCLXXX, London, 1780 and various from 1765 to 1795

The Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal, Enlarged: from May to August, inclusive, MDDXCV, With an Appendix, Volume XVII, R Griffiths, London, 1795.
Ditto From July to December MDCCLXXXVII, 1787.

The Reformer by an Independent Freeholder, Fielding and Walker, London, 1780.

The Town and Country Magazine or Universal Depository of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment, Vol XIII for the year 1781, A Hamilton, London, 1781.

Policing the Poor in Eighteenth-Century London: The Vagrancy Laws and Their Administration, Nicholas Rogers

Representations of Riot: The Transformation of the Gordon Riots from History into Cultural Myth Yevgeniya Zbrizher, An honors thesis submitted to the History Department of Rutgers University, written under the supervision of Professor Alastair Bellany, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, April, 2011.

A list of persons concerned in the rebellion transmitted to the commissioners of excise by the several supervisors in Scotland in obedience to a general letter of the 7th may 1746 and a supplementary list with evidences to prove the same With a Preface by The Earl of Roseberry and Annotations by the Rev. Walter Macloud, Edinburgh Printed at the University Press by T. and A. Constable for the President of the Scottish History Society 1890




And my thanks to Richard Clark for guiding me through his site.







#1 18th Century London Jun 30th, 2006 Blackleaf

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3889903.stm King George III: Mad or misunderstood?

Brachygraphy or an easy and compendious system of Short-Hand, Adapted to the Various Arts, Sciences and Professions, Improved after more than Forty Years Practice & Experience by Thomas Gurney: and Brought nearer to perfection upon the present method by Joseph Gurney, J and M Gurney, London, 1789.

The Bill of Rights 1689

The Eton College Register 1753-1790, by Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh, Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co Ltd, 1921.

http://www.historyhome.co.uk/c-eight/france/decman.htm , The Age of George III, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, Published by the National Assembly in France in August 1789.

Wikipedia and its contributors, that invaluable starting point, for countless pages


Online resources of libraries throughout the world

Countless other web pages and blogs

And my schoolteachers for starting me with a broad awareness of history and many other things

Not forgetting the instruction of life’s lessons.


Not seen

The Gordon Riots: Politics, Culture and Insurrection in Late Eighteenth … by Ian Haywood, John Seed




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